Driving the Narrative

According to polls, 70% of Americans think we're going in the wrong direction. They say it's all about driving the narrative. Fox News believes wholeheartedly that Trump and Hillary are tied, and that Trump will eventually win because 70% of Americans are hating on the Democrats. And that's a nice spin.

I think that 70% number means something else entirely: Americans are mad at the GOP for blocking progress for 8 full years. Americans want compromise and action.

Fox News does a good job at steering the story because they have the country's largest nightly viewing audience.  But what they tend to forget is that come election day, the true narrative never lies.

The GOP was dumbstruck in 2012 when Romney lost because they had convinced themselves of their own storyline, that Americans were tired of President Obama, but that narrative had no basis in reality. No matter how Fox News spins the numbers this election, Hillary will win by a landslide. She'll take the Senate with her and make strong gains in the house.

Us Democrats just need to roll our eyes for the next 100 days, and then sigh a collective "I told you so" with a big smile.