A Win Is a Win

I looked up viewership for the last night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) and the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

RNC - 33.3 million.
DNC - 34.9 million.

Right away I could tell this was a conservative, pro-Trump website because it cheered the win! Because when you're a Donald Trump Follower, no victory is too small! And at the top of the article, of course there is the carefully selected, terrible picture of Hillary Clinton.

www.Deadline.com didn't print the numbers for Day 1, 2 or 3 though, because the numbers swayed toward the Democrats. Rather than printing the total viewership numbers, which is really the only number that matters if you're looking up viewership facts, they pointed out that the DNC viewership was down 6% from 2012 while the RNC was up 25% from 2012. 

This site is literally teaching people the wrong things; the wrong facts. It paints the Internet with misinformation and it made me do more work and click a bunch more links until I found the right numbers.

The kicker is, it won't actually help Trump's election, because the facts are the facts. But it does  expose how Trump Followers wouldn't dare put on paper that they lost at something, even if it's not a real competition.

Websites can change what facts your readers know, but it doesn't change the facts. Hillary will win the Whitehouse, take back the Senate and make gains in the house.