Hannity Is Acataleptic

Hannity tries, I'll give him that. He squeaks by saying some pretty ignorant things, but he looks like our dopey little buddy while he's doing it, so we give him a pass. 

But tonight he sat down and his first words were, "If I was in charge of Trumps campaign..." And then he went on and on like he was trying to teach a classroom of middle schoolers how to follow the wrong leader.

It's funny how every Republican feels the need to tell Trump how to do his job; how to campaign. They wouldn't be offering Trump advice if he didn't really need it. And the idea that Hannity, a grade-C entertainment analyst with a 105 year old's impression of the "way things ought to be around here," is capable of teaching a potential President of the United States of America how to lead, is the real funny part. Because I don't want Hannity leading anybody.

But through his radical extremism, he exposes a truth in the Republican Party: It's 135 year old wisdom regurgitated to 115 year olds who taught it to their 95 year olds who are still out there teaching. They were the greatest generation, the ones who saved the world from World War II, and the ones who rebuilt Europe and Japan afterwards. They were the ones who we called the Policeman of the planet.

And yet we fight with our police now. Is this because our standing in the world is also faultering? Or is it because our role in the world is changing. America to be proud and lead by example. That was a value that both parties had back then. But these days only one party is exhibiting that since Obama took office.