What Is the Wind?

The 'political wind' they say. It's blowing and it's really doing stuff out there. It's gusting, some would say, and it's that kind of talk that attributes to the turbulence. You can't stop it, because it's the damn wind. Maybe, just maybe we can toss up a wind turbine and create some energy out of it, but we're just not sure how long it'll be blowing. Or where.

Political winds means rumors and rumors shouldn't be getting in the way of our politics. It means beltway whispers; breezy news. But I get one vote and you get one vote and it doesn't matter our proximity to DC.

Plus, I've been to DC and you ain't all that windy compared to the Northeast.

Unrelated Observation:
Why do newscasters act like the commercials are pulling them away from their interview? Like some advertisement will be angry if they don't start on time; Like there's no time to waste for expensive sales pitches! Take your sweet time, Anderson Cooper, because those commercials will be there all night.